Costs half, weighs a tenth. Sensor loading cubes

Using the honeycomb structure and the additive technology SLS, we have reduced the cost of the mounting blocks and eased the work of the press operators.

Obzor – mounting blocks

For optimal pressing of electromechanical products, the Obzor production cooperative used metal mounting blocks, which perfectly held the shape of the part and fulfilled their purpose. However, the weight of these fixtures was significant, the delivery time of such a fixture was up to several weeks, and the high price increased the cost of the entire production process.

Challenge: To produce sufficiently rigid mounting blocks that are lighter, cheaper,
and with a shorter delivery time.

Solution: Lightweight part using a honeycomb structure, which is still stiff enough
for the job. In addition, the unique designation of a specific block can be printed directly
on the part.

Impact: Using additive technologies, the Obzor cooperative does not have to plan long
in advance for the production of new blocks. With weight savings, handling for press operators has also been greatly eased.

Result: 50% production cost savings. 65% faster delivery time. 85% weight reduction.

Service: Design for additive manufacturing, End-product manufacturing
Material: PA3200GF
Technology: Selective Laser Sintering
Post-processing: Abrasive blasting

About Obzor

Obzor, a manufacturing cooperative, is a all-Czech manufacturer of electromechanical products, parts for the automotive industry, metal parts and injection molded plastic parts.
A total of 300 workers work in several production plants. Obzor is actively looking
for innovative solutions in its manufacturing process, thanks to which a cooperation
with ONE3D was established in 2017.

Original solution and return to the drawing board

The Obzor company traditionally machined the sensor mounting blocks from metal, so their preparation had to be planned long in advance and the delivery times of the parts took weeks.
In addition, handling such a heavy fixture throughout the working day was difficult
for the press operator.
A more complicated shape requirement meant that these mounting blocks became conventionally unmanufacturable, and so the designers at Obzor had to start thinking
about another method of production.

Tailored solutions

The solution proposed by the specialists at ONE3D was to make the mounting blocks
of plastic, using SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) technology. As the material used, polyamide with glass particles PA3200GF was recommended for greater abrasion resistance
and toughness of the part. ONE3D engineers redesigned and optimized the part, consisting of a lightweight honeycomb structure on the underside of the part.
The structure guarantees the stiffness of the block, excellently transfers pressure
and the whole piece perfectly meets the demands for durability and functionality.
The operating pressure acting on such a part is 500N.

The icing on the cake is the clearly visible marking of the product type, which can be easily produced individually for each part thanks to SLS technology, helping to eliminate human error at work.

A satisfied customer

How long does Obzor now have to wait for the necessary fixtures? The delivery time
of the parts has been significantly reduced. The delivery time of the blocks made at ONE3D is normally 3-5 working days, even if several dozen pieces are produced at once.
The fixture delivery is now faster by more than 65%.

“One3D technologies allow us to deliver the necessary preparations expeditiously and quickly compared
to standard conventional methods used in the past. Thanks to this cooperation we have saved more
than 50% of the existing costs.”

Jan Hrbáček, Technical Deputy of Obzor

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