Material with excellent rigidity, good abrasion resistance, sliding properties and suitable
for machining.

Key features

The basis of this material is PA12 with the addition of glass particles, which make up 30% of the powder content. Thanks to this the material has a high rigidity and density.

PA3200GF is wear-resistant, machines well and has long-term stable properties.
In addition, during the manufacturing process, the material is stable and there is little thermal deformation.

Suitable uses

This polyamide is most commonly used in functional prototypes that are subject
to static loads or require rigidity and abrasion resistance, while the PA3200GF can be combined with additional machining to produce high-precision final parts.

Specific applications

  • gearing
  • clamping elements and lasts
  • engine radiator chambers

Technological specifications

Standard delivery time 5 working days
Production accuracy ±0.2% (with lower limit ±0.2 mm)
Production layer 0.12 mm
Minimum wall thickness 0.5 mm (preserving properties 1 mm)


Tensile strength 51 MPa
Modulus of elasticity 3200 MPa
Elongation 9
Heat distortion temperature HDT 1.8 MPa 96 °C
Heat distortion temperature HDT 0.45 MPa 157 °C

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