Details are important:
Models of buildings in 1:400 scale

For AUFEER DESIGN and the ZKW Group, with whom we have been working
for a long time, we produced presentation models of buildings
in 1:400 scale, preserving even fine details.

Model buildings for ZKW and AUFEER DESIGN

Challenge: Deliver a 1:400 scale presentation model of the building with the most accurate details possible.

Solution: We suggested the use of SLS technology due to supportless production and the universal material PA2200 for fine details


  • Speed first. The modeler must first prepare the area data, then produce the parts on a cutter and then glue them together.
  • Additive manufacturing was 2x faster in these models because it works with 3D data.
  • The manufactured parts do not have to be further treated and assembly and painting can proceed.


Freedom of design – use of advanced methods.
Speed – implementation and tailor-made solutions as well as express delivery within 8 working days.
Personalization – choice of special finishes and colors according to the customer’s wishes

Rapid prototype production

Material: PA2200

Technology: Selective Laser Sintering

Post-processing: Wet coating

This project was a pleasant diversion from our day-to-day activities and gave us the opportunity to develop our creativity. We wanted to achieve the truest possible idea of real buildings with these models.
To enhance the visualization, we also added surrounding lawn areas and parking spaces.


Who is ZKW Group?

Headquartered in Austria, the company specializes in innovative lighting systems and electronics. It is the leading strategic partner of the automotive industry worldwide. The ZKW Group develops and manufactures lighting systems and electronic modules for the automotive industry. Its inventions and innovations make motor vehicles more sought after, more unique, safer and more energy efficient.

Who is Aufeer Design?

Aufeer Design is an international company that specializes in design, development, engineering and calculation products and services in the automotive, rail and aerospace sectors, striving to bring design that combines emotion and functionality.
They deal with exteriors, interiors, color and styling, as well as user interface design
to meet the needs of the field. Its Innovation Center has a cutting-edge modeling studio where clay models are processed.


Quickly make a model of a building? No problem.

Both building models have a great deal of detail. To comply with them, we adjusted the print settings. We reduced the layer thickness from the standard 120 μm to 100 μm. The printed parts did not have to be further modified and we were able to proceed to model assembly and painting. We then made the surface finishes to mimic the truest possible copy of real buildings. On the green areas around the buildings, as an imitation of grassland, we used a model carpet. The result was preserved in a transparent bonded PMMA (plexiglass) cover so that the model would not gather dust.


Building for Aufeer Design

Even at a scale of 1:400, we were able to reproduce details such as window blinds or roofing technology. We placed the whole model on a milled baseboard. The model carpet then gave life to the green areas.



Building for the ZKW Group

For the ZKW Group, we produced a model of a branch in Olomouc, where we could focus even more on the details, as the building stands on a hillside and has a parking lot along with trees and bushes.


What was the benefit of the project?

We produced detailed models of real buildings 2x faster than standard model production.
We printed from thinner layers than the standard 120 μm.
Customers can take pride in the detailed models of their locations, and we implemented the entire project with delivery to customers within 8 working days.

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