The most widely used plastic additive manufacturing material on the market. PA2200 represents a good compromise between flexibility and strength.

Key features

Nylon, as this type of plastic is commonly called, is the most widely used production material for SLS technology. This polyamide 12 (PA12) has a low density and is therefore lightweight. It has long-term stable properties and is characterized by good chemical resistance, high elasticity and strength. The raw part made of PA2200 is pure white
in color and can be easily colored by dip-dyeing technique.

Suitable uses

The versatility of nylon makes it a material that is often used in prototype, design,
test and assembly production. However, the PA2200’s balanced mechanical properties enable it to produce end-to-end functional parts, making it a suitable alternative
to injection molded plastics. At the same time, the nylon is certified for the medical
and food industries for its biocompatibility.

Specific applications

  • assemblies of parts with flexible joints (snaps, clips, hinges)
  • functional parts with active structures
  • orthotic devices

Technological specifications

Standard delivery time 4 working days
Production accuracy ±0.2% (with lower limit ±0.2 mm)
Production layer 0.12 mm
Minimum wall thickness 0.5 mm (maintaining properties 1 mm)



Tensile strength 48 MPa
Modulus of elasticity 1650 MPa
Elongation 18
Heat distortion temperature HDT 1.8 MPa 55.1 °C
Heat distortion temperature HDT 0.45 MPa 127.8 °C

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