Case studies

Our case studies

Obzor – mounting blocks

Costs half, weighs a tenth

Using the honeycomb structure and the additive technology SLS, we have reduced the cost of the mounting blocks and eased the work of the press operators.

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Artistic tribute consisting of algorithm, stainless steel and garnets

We helped the experimental goldsmith Zdeněk Vacek win at the Designblok 21 festival and pay tribute to his mother’s lifetime work.

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Model buildings for ZKW and AUFEER DESIGN

Details are important

We produced detailed 1:400 scale models of buildings, including spacious parking lots, trees and even the smallest details.

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Wheel for VŠB-TUO

When weight matters

We helped VŠB-TUO with the development of a new motorcycle wheel. It is just as rigid as the standard ones, but much lighter.

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Seals but doesn’t crack

In 5 days we created a prototype air distribution system made of nylon
and thermoplastic rubber.

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Invent Medical

It fits, it breathes, it suits you

We participated in a significantly more comfortable and 30% lighter design of the remolding helmet for the smallest heads.

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