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How to innovate a part? Docent Paloušek says the key is additive thinking

13. November 2021 How to innovate a part? Docent Paloušek says the key is additive thinking

What does it mean to “think additively” and how can it be applied in real life? Watch a recording of the presentation at Additive Forum 2021.

“Additive thinking will enable you to replace the question ‘What technology is suitable for my product?’ with ‘What function should this part provide?’” says docent David Paloušek, CTO from ONE3D.

These same words were heard at the forum of additive manufacturing, which took place on November 9, 2021, at the Brno Exhibition Center during the International Engineering Fair. In his presentation (video at the end of the article), David introduced the concept of “additive thinking” and then, using specific examples, he demonstrated 3 different approaches to apply it in the real world.

Approach 1 – Ctrl-C + Ctrl-V
example: nylon grip of a camera holder in a Land Rover

Approach 2 – Design changes
example: aluminum collection hopper of an industrial vacuum cleaner

Approach 3 – Parts from scratch
example: life-size metal artifacts

This video will also tell you:

  • How to decide which parts are suitable for additive manufacturing?
  • How long does it take to produce 196,000 parts with additive manufacturing?
  • How can a heavy-duty quad-laser machine create works of art?
  • Where in the Czech Republic can you find Additive Street?
  • What else can you ask the ONE3D team about?

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