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Expanding production capacity

02. April 2017 Expanding production capacity

Yet another P396 machine!!

April 1, 2017, marks the day we expanded our SLS manufacturing capacity when our machine fleet grew one unit stronger with the addition of a state-of-the-art P396 SLS machine from the German company EOS.

Expanding production capacity

Which means that starting this April, we will be able to react to the needs of our customers more flexibly than before. Our newly increased capacity has enabled us to shorten the delivery times for all the materials we offer.

Surface treatment – plating

Our wet painting booth allows us to implement standard surface treatments of parts for our customers. We can provide a range of surface treatments, from standard dip dyeing to painting with specific RAL hues, and with matte or glossy surface finishes. We offer also aluminum plating finish, where the lacquered surface of a part is coated with a thin layer of aluminum in a special vacuum environment. We can thus fulfill various requirements for design or surface reflectivity of given parts. Special variations are also available—applying different color hues or coating with lacquer to harden the surface. We offer our clients full-service part surface finishing according to their specifications.

Expanding production capacity

HandyScan 3D laser scanner

We have acquired the Creaform Handyscan 300 scanner for the R&D center of our company. Our services now include 3D scanning and reverse engineering. We use scanning for final part verification and R&D projects, but we also offer custom-order measurements according to the needs of our clients. Depending on your specifications, the result could be a measurement report or subsequent data processing by a reverse-engineer.

Expanding production capacity

Formula Rollout

On May 3, 2017, the Formula TU Ostrava team, which our company has been supporting since 2015, revealed their third Formula prototype, called Vector 03, on the grounds of VŠB-TU Ostrava. You can find more about their project by visiting the website of Formula TU Ostrava.

Expanding production capacity

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